CloudNFVTM is an open implementation of the ETSI NFV ISG work, based on a design contributed by Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation.  Tom's design is derived from his work with his open-source ExperiaSphereTM project, and Tom has contributed that design freely into the public domain for implementation and use by all, without restrictions.  This site is about the open design that Tom contributed, and that is still available for implementation.

CloudNFV is also a project, an activity that combined the efforts of 6WIND, Dell, EnterpriseWeb, Overture, and Qosmos and later added work by Metaswitch, Mellanox, and Schenick.  This project was launched in the summer of 2013, and at the time of this writing is being led by Dell.  This site is not a resource for status or information on the project called "CloudNFV" nor for the proof-of-concept trial with the ETSI NFV ISG or the TMF Catalyst.  We will post links to sites provided by the project activity as those links are made available to us.  The LinkedIn group called "CloudNFV" is a possible source of information on the status of the project as well.

CIMI Corporation, who maintains this site, has licensed all of the companies who were official members of the CloudNFV team or contributors to either the ETSI PoC or the TMF Catalyst to use the term "CloudNFV" as long as they acknowledge our copyright and the open nature of the design.  We will not, at this time, license other uses of the term.

It's fair to ask where CloudNFV is going.  As a concept, a design, CloudNFV is an evolution of Tom's ExperiaSphere project, and ExperiaSphere itself is evolving into a broader model of orchestration and management.  We will not use this site or the term "CloudNFV" to describe that evolution because it's not appropriate to coopt the work of the others to promote the new vision, nor to imply that any of them support it.  

As a project, we can't say where CloudNFV will go.  As noted above, we'll post a link to a project website if one is provided to us.  We'll maintain this site as a link between the CloudNFV architecture, the project, and the ExperiaSphere evolution, for as long as the CloudNFV project remains active.  We'll then adapt the site to fit the new situation.

ExperiaSphere is a Trademark of CIMI Corporation.